Professional Learning to Help Heal the Healers



Go Project


Develop a culture of mindfulness


Self-care for educators
Opening circle activities
Embedding campus-wide rewards
Empowering students to lead mindfulness breaks


Having worked with Go Project as a yoga instructor for three years, I was asked to become an ongoing part-time staff member to help implement a Mindfulness Pilot and take on the role of Success Coach. 


What we’ve learned:



Students are more likely to engage with mindfulness discussions and circles if presented with content they can relate to. Examples include The Rock speaking on his depression and trusting his gut; Kobe Bryant's Oscar-winning short film "Dear Basketball" in a discussion about visualizing goals; and the theme of self-preservation as it relates to the film "Black Panther'. 



Educators are more receptive to mindfulness learning if they are presented with strategies that 1) support their own practice and wellbeing and 2) include tactics they can implement in the classroom for students. 



Ongoing enthusiasm in students can be maintained if mindfulness is integrated into the intricate workings of the campus. Examples of this include bringing students' attention to their breath and 'baseline' during daily opening assemblies (at Go Project, we call this Harambe) and complimenting mindfulness milestones with the campus' success (or behavior) rewards system (at Go Project, we call this ASPIRE).