This is the Bronx


Dwarfed by the towering NYCHA buildings and drowned out by the cross-street traffic on 163rd street, a community of Bronx-born pre-kindergarteners inhale and exhale slowly for a count of three seconds. The banging of blocks and the drama of dress-up fade into the distance — even if just for a few minutes — as 4-year-olds lay in stillness. We use our super listening powers to hear sounds:from within the classroom, outside the classroom and within the building; outside the building; inside our bodies.

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The Young Dreamers’ Book Club


Phoenix First Phoenix's First: An Introduction to Mindful Breathing by Colin Lieu is an amazing read for both parents and kids. When Phoenix’s excitement about his recital transforms into nervousness, he is forced to make a decision: will he give into his nervousness or create a pathway beyond this internal barrier? Read the full review on Facebook and Instagram.



Yoga has become the Roseanne of the wellness world. In theory, both were created for the everyday person but in a time when people are as woke as they are broke -- folks have been priced out and boxed into stereotypes when it comes to accessing yoga.

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Huffington Post


“Black Panther” star Lupita Nyong’o recently told “Good Morning America” that we can better see ourselves when we can see ourselves in others. She said that she grew up only being able to see herself in white superheroes ― and it’s high time the reverse is happening.

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Kids Yoga Daily


Want to raise a mindful boy? Picture books can help!

Boys can master mindfulness, too, says Colin Lieu, author of, Phoenix's First: an introduction to mindful breathing.

This colorful, adorably illustrated read shares kid-friendly messages about how mindfulness can help us notice our energy and stress levels, and how to refocus our attention -- all through the tale of Phoenix, a young boy preparing for his piano recital. 

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We welcome guest blogger Colin Lieu who works in the youth yoga and mindfulness space in New York City as an instructor and consultant across seven public schools and programs.

For the first time in history, a black writer-director was been nominated for Oscar awards in the trifecta of best picture, best director and best screenplay; the bittersweet history making film Barry Jenkins' movie, MOONLIGHT. Attention educators: witness a young man of color's social emotional growth at a crisis. But we don't need to turn to Hollywood to get schooled on adolescent angst. This from my own classroom:

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It’s okay to serve Black communities, but please know: no one expects you to be Black.

Last weekend I attended the 2017 Yoga Service Council Conference where well-meaning yogis gathered to share ideas, learnings and research on how yoga and mindfulness can help support underserved communities such as youth, veterans and others.

Unless you’re Betsy DeVos, it’s easy to see how intersectionality slapped us in the face faster than a police officer reaching for their gun when approaching a Black teen.

In a workshop called, “Best Practices for Cultural Competency: A View from a Historically Black College”, the question covered in so many layers of White guilt finally came out. 

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Brooklyn Reporter Group

A bamboo pot plant. Plastic fruits in a bowl topped with a shiny red envelope. Paper cut-outs of firecrackers with a layer of dust building since February - thick like the skin of a leftover dumpling. Scattered golden characters and phrases plastered on walls now Jackson Pollocks to my eyes. 

I had entered the Old Master Q equivalent of Universal Pre-K centers. 

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Education DIVE

Dawn Brooks-Decosta is trying to raise $250,000 by the time school starts up again for the 2017-18 academic year. Brooks-Decosta is principal of the Thurgood Marshall Academy Lower School (TMALS), a public school in Harlem, and she and her staff found out in the spring that they would not be receiving federal funding for their after-school program next year.

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